The Queers are Here · Lgbtqia+ Gippsland Adult Social Group

The Queers are Here is a social group for LGBTQIA+ adults living in Gippsland. they are working towards regular online/face to face meetups – they currently have an online facebook group community where to share memes, photos, resources, and support with each other. they are open to anyone 18+, but our main focus is those who are 25+.

If you’d like to their online group, where and see details of their meetups (including times, dates, and links) search Facebook for “The Queers are Here · Lgbtqia+ Gippsland Adult Social Group” and send the group a join request (it will ask you a couple of questions, please make sure you answer these, as well as read + accept the group rules, or you won’t be able to let into the group). If you need help joining, or have any other questions, please message our Facebook page @the queers are here or email

*Also note that we are an alcohol and drug free space, and work hard as a community to keep the space safe, healthy, supportive, and intersectional – they often share awareness posts and educational resources, and welcome well-intended and genuine questions. The Queers are Here · Lgbtqia+ Gippsland Adult Social Group have a team of amazing LGBTQIA+ leaders and mods who are there to listen and answer your questions.

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The Queers are Here · Lgbtqia+ Gippsland Adult Social Groups mission, vision, and values statement:

The Queers are Here aims to build a lasting culture of acceptance, empathy, and community. their aim is to be welcoming, inclusive, and respectful as they listen to each other, support each other, and work together to achieve their goals. they want to see LGBTQIA+ people visible, connected, supported, engaged, and celebrated in Gippsland. They are working towards this by providing safe inclusive and positive intergenerational social opportunities for LGBTQIA+ Gippsland adults, as well as sharing resources, opportunities, support, and referrals.