Here we have compiled a list of resources to help us all gain a deeper understanding of all things LGBTIQ+. We have added links to sites and articles, as well as videos to give everyone a broader understanding. We have also included videos and links to LGBTIQ+ individuals with lived experiences, in the hopes to reaffirm and encourage those who may be struggling.

With a wide and varied community filled with nuances, we aim for these resources to help you gain a deeper understanding, perspective and respect for the human condition.


an individual who consistently identifies with the Sex/Gender that they were assigned with at birth.

Gender Dysphoria

an individual who struggles emotionally and psychologically with their own Sex/Gender. Struggles can include stress, anxiety and persistently feeling that they were born in the

Gender Neutral

an individual who feels neither male nor female. Genderbread Person v4.0

Gender Queer

an individual who feels neither male nor female, yet can identify as non-binary, trans or a combination of genders.


a framework theory asserting that people can be disadvantaged by multiple sources of oppression, including (but not exclusive to) gender identity, sexual orientation, race and/or

Intersex 101

broadly defined as a person who is born with reproductive or sexual autonomy that does not conform to the typical definition of male or female.

LGBTI Ageing

OFFICIAL TRAILER for the LGBT aging documentary, Gen Silent,


Untold Histories gives an insight into the stories of LGBTI Senior citizens living in Central Victoria, Australia. Creator and Film Maker Noel Hourigan.

LGBTIQA+ Inclusive langue guide

Created by the Victorian State Government this guide explains how to use language respectfully and inclusively when working with and referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual,


a straight-identifying male who has sexual encounters with other male.


In the context of gender, passing or blending refers to someone, typically a transgender person, who is perceived as the gender they wish to present

Preferred Gender Pronouns

a set of pronouns used by an individual to indicate how they would like to be referred to by others. Pronouns include He/Him, She/Her or


an abbreviation of Queer & Trans People of Colour/Queer & Trans Women of Colour. A QTPOC/QTWOC framework attunes itself to the challenges and needs experienced

Queer 101

an umbrella term used to refer the LGBTIQ community – often a self-identifying term. For elder generations within the LGBTIQ community, queer is often seen


An individual who is questioning their gender or sexuality. This can occur during any given time within the person’s life and take the form of

Sexual Fluidity

an individual whose sexual identity changes due to their own personal evolution.

The Genderbread Person  

The Genderbread Person is a cute, approachable model for understanding the social construction of gender, based on the input of thousands of voices over several

Trans 101

an umbrella term used to refer to all people who deviate from their assigned gender at birth or the binary gender system. There are many

Trans Ally

“Trans allies are so very valuable, providing encouragement, safety, social change and trans people with allies in their lives are less likely to self-harm and