Alphabet Soup


The Aims of “Alphabet Soup” is to have a safe meeting place for people that are not certain where they fit into the world. Whether you might be LGBTIQ or not certain then you will probably find someone to talk to, we are a very diverse slice of humanity.
The group is open for friends family partners and helpers.Please join us for a coffee and a bite to eat in the comfortable and relaxed environment that is Alphabet Soup.
Here you have the chance to meet up with some new and wonderful people.
The café is a non-judgmental and sociable environment, where you can feel free to be yourself.
The only stipulation is you leave any prejudice at home.
The wonderful staff at “Denn Bar & Restaurant” enjoy looking after our needs and offer a wide choice of delicious meals and a selection of tapas.
I’m certain you will enjoy the new surroundings and good company.

More details

  • – Face-to-face
  • – Online forum/Group

Service Delivery Location:

  • – Melbourne CBD
  • – Metro North

Cost: Free
Opening Times: See Facebook for up-to-date meetings