Health & Wellbeing

Our aim is to provide you all with links to service providers. Research has shown that some LGBTIQ+ people living in rural areas have to travel a long distinct for medical providers. Not only that, but in the cases of some individuals, they are unable to access appropriate transport and/or tax rebates for their mode of travel.

Some doctors and medical professionals lack the appropriate behaviour and / or knowledge in dealing with LGBTIQ+ issues, and subsequently, not everyone can receive the same level of appropriate care. With mental issues not being addressed, and even the lack of resources / knowledge for AIDS prevention, the issue can be as extreme as life and death.

With the resources below, we aim to connect you with a number of free health service providers, not-for-profit organizations, peer support, and advocacy groups. Our aim is to help close the gap between you and the appropriate organizations that are there to help.


Transcend Australia: Supporting trans, gender diverse and non-binary kids & their families since 2012. Peer support, advocacy & information Transcend provides parent/carer support, community connection,

Doc Dir

A directory of doctors who are LGBTIQ+ friendly and provide LGBTIQ+ affirmative and responsive care. Doctors recommended by LGBTIQ+ people across Australia. Look for a

The Victorian Pride Hub

A hub for everything LGBTIQ with a Vision to be the most loved, well known and visited home for the LGBTIQ community in Australia. Housing