Education & Training

For a long time, training providers have mainly been metro centric. This distance has meant that only limited numbers of participants in the past have been able to access this training and the sharing of information has been minimalized when taken back to rural areas. Furthermore, some service providers have lacked the appropriate care, knowledge and behaviour necessary to deal with LGBTIQ+ clients, and subsequently not everyone can receive the same level of appropriate care.

The links that we have listed below have been picked in the hopes to make training opportunities more readily available to rural individuals. Not only that, but these training providers are professionally adept and trained in LGBTIQ+ issues and can offer the highest level of training. We aim to bring our service providers forward and our community one step closer to inclusion.

Transgender Victoria

Website: Transgender Victoria (TGV) aims to achieve justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for transgender & gender diverse people, their partners, families

ACON ACON Pride Training ACON provide training, information, and educational services to assist health, wellbeing, and community organisations in increasing their knowledge of LGBTQ people