Zoe Belle Gender Collective

Website: http://zbgc.org.au/

Zoe Belle Gender Collective (ZBGC) is a trans and gender diverse led advocacy organisation based in Victoria. The Zoe Belle Gender Collective – formerly known as the Zoe Belle Gender Centre – was founded in 2007 and is named in honour of late transgender activist Zoe Belle.

We provide education, training and secondary consultation for health and human service providers on trans and gender diverse inclusive practice. Our Youth Project provides youth led workshops for LGBTIQ+, trans and gender diverse people and allies on activism, queer history, identity, allyship.

ZBGC’s goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of trans and gender diverse (TGD) people by:

  • providing education and awareness around TGD identities and experiences
  • advocating for greater social equity for our community
  • addressing discrimination
  • tackling systemic barriers within health and human services
  • supporting TGD people’s right to affirm their gender identity.

Facebook: facebook.com/ZoeBelleGenderCollective

Website: http://zbgc.org.au/

We are a part of Cohealth, who are registered as a: Charity.

Contact Name: Starlady
Phone Number: 0429070827
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: http://zbgc.org.au/

Service Delivery Location – All of Victoria