The Orange Door

Region: Loddon Mallee

The Orange Door welcomes people of any age, gender, sex, sexuality, culture, religion and ability. The Orange Door is a free service for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence and intermit partner violence.

Free yourself and others from a life of violence.

You should contact The Orange Door if:

  • When someone close to you is hurting you, controlling you or making you feel afraid – such as your partner, family member, carer or parent(s)
  • you are a child or young person who doesn’t have what you need to be OK 
  • you are worried about the safety of a friend or family member
  • you need more support with the care of children, e.g. due to money issues, illness, addiction, grief, isolation or conflict 
  • you are worried about the safety of a child or young person
  • you need help to change your behaviour and stop using violence in your relationships 

Location: Swan hill and Geelong