Rural Health Connect

Region: Victoria-Wide

Connect with LGBTIQA+ informed psychologists via an online platform, with sessions held over video or phone calls, allowing you to connect with practitioners available anywhere in Australia.

Anyone can experience challenges to their mental health as they navigate the complexities of life. For LGBTQIA+ people, those complexities may be amplified and seeking support from a psychologist who is informed or with LGBTQIA+ lived experience can be helpful. We understand that not every LGBTQIA+ person will require support directly due to their identity, however we have psychologists who can work with sensitivity and awareness of the additional layers that may be present in someone exploring or having lived experience of sexual or gender diversity while addressing the presenting areas of interest.

Everyone, regardless of where they live or their life circumstances, should have access to the psychologist that is right for them and to be able to conduct their sessions without disrupting their daily lives.

Select from a database of psychologists and three payment options including bulk billing to choose the practitioner that is right for you.

Contact Rural Health Connect to begin a conversation towards improving your mental health.