Geelong Adolescent Sexuality Project (GASP)

The GASP project is Geelong’s safe and inclusive space for young people aged between 12-25.

 Geelong Adolescent Sexuality Project (GASP) provide a range of services and support to ensure that the strength and diversity of LGBTIQA+ young people are valued, celebrated and affirmed in the Geelong region. GASP offers a number of social support groups for people aged 12-25, which meet in central Geelong.

GASP) offer a range of services for schools and organisations in the Geelong region, including:

  • Training for staff on the health and well being of LGBTIQA+ young people;
  • Support for schools around gender and sexuality, and how to develop a whole-school approach to creating a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment;
  • Secondary consultation;
  • Training for service providers to help build capacity and develop strategies for LGBTIQA+ inclusive practice.

Service Delivery Location: Barwon South West, Geelong.