Bisexual Awareness Week

week surrounding 23 September – annually

Bisexual Awareness Week is an annual event celebrating and recognising bisexual people  and promotes cultural acceptance of the bisexual community.  Celebrating bisexual advocacy throughout history as well as attempts to create a further platform for advocating bisexual rights. Host workshops, gatherings, and events to educate your community or social group as a part of the international campaign that showcases experiences of Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, or any other form of multi-gender attraction under the Bi+ umbrella. Bisexual Awareness Week plays a  role in reducing social isolation and fosters inclusion. Celebrate further by posting  selfies or Bisexual solidarity selfies on social media using the hashtags # #Bisexual Awareness Week #Queer #Pride #goodbi #iamenough